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TV Show Listing and Inventory Printables

It’s Freebie Friday again!!! YAY!!!!
I have to apologize that I missed the last two fridays. I am truly sorry. With me being sick and all I was just out of commission. There was no getting up and designing anything for me.

But I am BACK!!!!!
Okay, so since I missed the last two friday’s there are 2 different printables in this post a total of 3sheets.
Now these are older printables that I designed to go along with the Shopping List Printable I shared 3 weeks ago.

There will be more to this set so no worries there.
This was supposed to be a home binder design for myself but I decided I wanted to share it will all of you!
I mean you are some awesome peeps! =)

So the first Freebie Friday Printable is The TV Show Listing.
We all have those favorite shows that we just love to watch and let’s be real some of us don’t have a DVR or if we do it can’t record everything we want. I love a lot of shows (I keep typing shoes, hehe) and i can’t remember when they air. So I got the idea to make this list.

It’s a pretty simple list that needs the basic information.
For example: Shameless | 535 | S | 9pm | Weekly
See, pretty simple. Put it on your fridge and you are good to go! =D



Be sure to download so you can print the TV Show Listings Printable and be sure to pin to share with all your friends and followers! =D

Now we have our Inventory Check list. You need to go food shopping and your cabinets are filled with can goods and lets be real, how many times have you bought something you already had but didn’t know you had it because it was in the back of your cabinet? Haha I know I sure have!! Talk about annoying because I am secretly yelling in my head ‘REALLY?? I COUL HAVE GOTTEN THOSE COOKIE FOR MYSELF’… HAHAHAHA Don’t lie, you know you wanted the cookies too!!

So, learning from that mistake I created this check list. Now, it’s not just for the cabinet, I made one for the freezer too so don’t worry.
No, I did not make one for the refrigerator. You open your fridge too often not to know what’s in there! HAHA

Again, simple and easy to organize your food.
Cabinet Example: Campbells Cream of Mushroom Soup | 4/16 | 3 (color in 3 circles)
Freezer Example: 2lbs Ground Beef | Bought 2/13/15 | 2 (color in 2 circles)
Now, when you use one just put an X of the circle and now you know you have one less.

These are some of my favorite printables. I mean yeah it takes time to go through everything and jot down what you have but in the end, you can save some money by not buying items you need but already have.

I really hope you like today’s TV Show Listing and Inventory Printables! I am really happy to share these with you all!
Thank you all for sticking around and supporting my blog.

I will be back next friday with more printables! =)






  • growingupmomma

    Gorgeous printables! I can’t wait to print out the freezer and cabinet inventory- I could definitely use these for my stockpile. And, after seeing your TV log, I’m literally tempted to get cable and start watching just so I can print that one out, too. I think I’ve officially found my Internet OCD twin ;) Thanks for sharing these!

    • AKee88

      Awww, Thank you! I am glad you like them! I love making them and offering to everyone! =) The inventory ones are great for those things hidden in the back and deep freezers. For us, it saves us the trip to the basement. Hehe, Lazy I know! I am totally OCD. You should see my computer files. It’s bad! Haha. Everything has a place =D haha

  • Marysa

    Those are great printables! I love the freezer inventory one. I think it would really help to save money since you can basically make a list of meal ideas so you can actually use up what is stashed in the freezer.

    • AKee88

      Thank you! I am glad you like them. I think these are great to help save money, just as you said, we have hidden items in the freezer too. =)

  • Jeanine

    Oh my goodness! I am obsessed with printables! I love this one. I wish I still had cable I would print this and use it tons. I would even insert it into my EC Planner! We have Netflix only now, which now I’m bummed about because I wanted something like this for so long when all my shows would be on! This is great thanks for sharing!

    • AKee88

      Hehe =) YAY! I am glad you like them! Be sure to check out my other ones. There will be plenty more thought out the year as well. I am sorry I didn’t share these before you lost got rid of cable but be sure to save it for when you have it again =)

  • MJ

    Great ideas for organizing especially the freezer. We have two freezers and sometimes we end up throwing things out because we simply forget they are there. Having a list with everything would make it so much easier to manage. Will have to buy ink for the printer and make it happen.

    • AKee88

      I hate when we have to throw away food because it gets forgotten about. I feel so guilty. I am glad you like these and will find them useful! =)

  • I love all of these printables. After ditching cable last year, we have gotten out of the habit of TV viewing. But, the freezer organizer is something I know we can use with 2 chest freezers and 2 refrigerators.

    • AKee88

      I notice a lot of people are ditching cable and to be honest.. I’m not shocked. We just changed providers because of the cost difference and now the new service sucks and i don’t even see a point in having it. I personally don’t use it so I am good there. Hehe. But I am glad you can find use to the inventory printables! =) Hmm Maybe I do need to make a refrigerator one!!!

  • OH GOSHH… this is amazing.I love printablezz…. it is an easy manager for an assistent :p Definatly gonna print it.thnx for sharing dear..

    • AKee88

      Oh yay! I am seriously so glad you love them! I hope the do become useful to you! =D

  • Pauline C.

    I absolutely love printables! I can’t get enough of these cute little things, my friend is already starting to get worried haha! I’m such an organizer, so these were perfect gifts for me last Christmas.

    • AKee88

      Hehe, I love being organized too. I get a little OCD if I don’t have things in orders so my printables pretty much save me from a panic attack =) haha!

  • Lauren R

    I am a totally sucker for organizational printouts, so I just about died when I saw these! They are absolutely beautiful, and I admire that you can make them! I’d love to be a graphic designer some day, and I love that you get to be one! xoxo

    • AKee88

      Lauren, this has to be one of the greatest comments ever! I am so glad you love them and I do hope you find use in either these or others I plan to make. And Thank you! I love designing and I truly hope to become very good at it. I just need to survive college and paying for it =) And if you really want to become one, you can do it!!! Thank you again! =D

  • The Trophy WifeStyle

    Ahhhhh being an absolute neat freak… To almost a fault… This is just awesome!!! I make list for anything and everything so these would come in handy! Definitely need to print!!!! I’m alos Loving that they are colorful ;-)

    • AKee88

      Hehe. I am so glad you like them. I love using color and fun colors =) Make list and such so much more fun!!!

  • Taya

    Oh this is great. Even though I DVR things, there are new shows coming up that I need a reminder to record when the time gets closer.

    • AKee88

      Haha, well there you go! Glad you are able to find some use for it =D

  • 3decades3kids

    First of all glad to hear you are feeling better. Our house still has two sickies and it seems to take forever to get better! Secondly, I LOVE the freezer inventory! My freezer is the lost zone. I put things in there and then if they are NOT in the front, I totally forget they are even in there. Of course the ice cream is at the front. I never lose sight of that! Sometimes I try to see what I have hiding in the back, something else falls out (almost hits me) and I just give it up! One of my resolutions this year is to try to be more organized. Totally using the freezer inventory! Thank you…Diane Sullivan

    • AKee88

      Thank you so much! I hate being sick. I hope everyone in your house starts feeling better! I am really happy you can find use for these. So much food gets lost and forgotten about that we need to find a way not to waste it.

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