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Dear CEO’s and Retail Workers…

Dear CEO’s and Retail Workers,
I have something I need to say to you and I hope you will take a moment to read my thoughts.

Dear-CEO-Retail-Workers_001Thanksgiving is approaching. Just one week until we all get to sit down around a table with great conversation and wonderful food. Moments of laughter are about to happen, embarrassing stories told to the new boyfriends and girlfriends about their partners and memories created. I don’t know about you all, but this sounds like a good time to me. However, the reality is, this won’t happen for most of us.

Dear-CEO-Retail-Workers_002(Thanksgiving Turkey made by my Sister Charlene)
To my fellow Retail Workers, I am sorry. I am sorry that life is a struggle that you have no choice but to work on a holiday, a holiday in which you should be home, spending time with your loved ones. You should be home creating memories and laughter. You should not be at a store, in a uniform, controlling the lines, and worrying about how many Xbox Ones you have left on your table. I’m sorry that the world is so consumed by material items and sales that you, you my friend have to suffer and miss out on what could be a great night of memories!

Dear-CEO-Retail-Workers_003(My nephew Nicholas)
To you, the CEO of a huge company making millions! First, Congratulations on being a CEO of a huge company! That is a great accomplishment and I am proud of you for that! That is a great success! I am sure your loved ones are beyond proud! But I want you to take a moment to look at the bigger picture. I want you my friend, to look past the bottom line. I am thankful to have my job, but I wish you could see how many you are hurting. I wish I could show you how my heart is breaking. I wish your employees could show you the cries of their hearts. They are hurt and sad because they have to be in your store for Thanksgiving. A holiday in which they should be home for. A holiday in which, I am going to assume here… That you are home for.

I know your bottom dollar is important. I know you have a job to do like the rest of us but why? Why do we have to be here? Why Thanksgiving? I would much rather be home with my son. I would much rather be in the kitchen making a mess and laughing while baking cookies with my son. I don’t want to stand at a table and tend to lines.

When did material items consume us? When did material items become more important then family? When did shopping for a discount consume us? Why? Why are we all not home with our loved ones?

Dear-CEO-Retail-Workers_004(My Brother Nick, his wife Nicole and daughter Maddie)
To the person who decided ‘Black Friday’ was a great idea. My personal opinion, you suck! Why? Why make ‘Black Friday’ the day after Thanksgiving? A day we should be thankful for all we have. A day we should sit back and enjoy the company of our loved ones. It’s not a day we should plan out our ‘Black Friday’ shopping and what we should try to grab! And when did ‘Black Friday’ turn into ‘Black Thursday’?

Dear-CEO-Retail-Workers_005(Jaiden and I)
Our loved ones will not be here forever. Tomorrow is not promised! No one is ever promised tomorrow. You, The creator of some top selling item… You can mass produce this item, but you, you my friend can’t replace moments lost with my son. You my friend can’t preserve him at this very moment. Tomorrow he will be another day older, another day wiser and another day smarter. He will have a little more attitude and style in him. He will have lost one more day of being that precious little guy he is and have gained one day of the young man he’s growing into.

You can make all the items you want, but you can’t save my mom. You can’t take away her health issues and preserve her mind. You can’t take away her pain and put that sparkle back into her eyes. You can’t replace our loved ones!!!!

Dear-CEO-Retail-Workers_006(My mom visiting her parents)
Having to work to support my son already sucks. But I have too. Who else is going to take care of my baby? I mean I would much rather be home with him, but I can’t. I have to work. However, I am sad. I am sad I have to work on Thanksgiving. I am sad I have to watch people out and about to buy items that can wait. I am sad that my son will be home making memories and I won’t be there in those memories. I am sad that he will remember this Thanksgiving and I won’t be there.

Today, the world we live in, its just stupid.
When did shopping for an Xbox One become more important then spending time with our loved ones? They are just going to come out with another Xbox and another iSomething next year. It can wait! Your loved one’s may not be here tomorrow! I hate to say that, but it’s the truth… =(

Dear-CEO-Retail-Workers_007(Jaiden in front of out Christmas Tree)
Dear CEO’s and Retail Workers,
I have something I need to say to you and I hope you will take a moment to read my thoughts.

To my fellow Retail Workers, I am sorry, I am sorry the world we live in, we have to struggle. I am sorry you have to be at work and not home. I am also proud of you! I am proud that you did the responsible thing and went to work despite how much it hurts and how much you want to cry. Keep your head up, because one day, things will be better!

To my fellow Retail Workers who wanted to work. Thank you! You stepping forward to work means someone else was able to go home. Someone who didn’t want to work was able to spend time with their loved ones! For that, I am thankful!

To the CEO’s of companies. I am sorry that the bottom line is more important. I am sorry you somehow ended up working for a company that doesn’t put family first and just shut the doors. I hope you are able to enjoy your holiday. I hope it turns out to be everything you had hoped!

Dear-CEO-Retail-Workers_008(My son and my Dad bonding while fishing)
Dear Officers, Nurses, Doctors, Fire Fighters, and all others working on Thanksgiving and any other Holiday,
I am sorry. I am sorry that you are not at home in your comfy clothes, sitting around enjoying good music and great laughs with good food. I am sorry that you are working hard to serve and protect us. I am sorry that you have to work incase something goes horribly wrong. Keep your head up and know that I am thankful for your service! I am thankful for you!

Dear You,
I don’t know who you are, I don’t know what you are doing or what you have planned. I don’t know your name or if you have family. I don’t know anything about you. However, I hope your Thanksgiving is everything you hoped it could be. If it’s not, I am sorry. Just remember to keep your head up! Remember to smile and don’t let anyone take it away! Don’t let the world dull your sparkle and have faith! Have faith everything will work out and one day it will all be okay.

Remember to look around you and be thankful for all you have. Take each day in and learn something. Reflect and see what you are thankful for.
We live in this amazing yet scary world that is filled with so many amazing, beautiful possibilities that are surrounded by hatred and darkness. Try to see the light, try to see the good, and you my friend, will be okay.

Keep Smiling and Keep Shining.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Today, I am Thankful for my boys. Boys who are understanding and remind me that it will be okay. That even though I am not going to be home to share thanks with them, they are thankful that I am doing what I have to do.

Granted I am not thrilled about working the Holiday, I am Thankful to have my job.

What are you thankful for today?

Disclosure: This post is entirely owned by and has not in any way been sponsored. All images are owned by All opinions are 100% my own.




  • Nicci

    I would be happy if things just opened at midnight. I think it’s awesome to bundle up and hit the stores after midnight, because you can’t do that any other time of the year. It’s exciting! But I agree that the Thanksgiving day sales are frustrating, and I wish the stores would offer the coolest stuff on Friday. Family is more important. And you’re right, they won’t always be around so we should enjoy them while we can.

    • AKee88

      I am completely okay with Black Friday if it were to stay on Black Friday. At my local Wal-Mart all the sales are on Thursday starting at 6pm and the employees needs to be There at 2pm. I would much rather spend Thanksgiving with my family, take a cat nap and head to work…. But the sales for Black Friday Andre just getting sooner and sooner…

  • Cara (@StylishGeek)

    I completely understand how you feel. I actually prefer Cyber Mondays instead of Black Fridays. I remember how sometimes our Thanksgiving topic was spent on the deals and shopping that were advertised. That’s not the spirit of this holiday. That is why as a family we make it an effort to forego the Black Friday and really spend the time thinking what Thanksgiving means for us.

  • trala2 (@trala2)

    I totally agree with your post. Black Friday should start at 12.01 Friday morning. Thanksgiving should be that you stay at home with your family if you are in any other line of work other than if you are a police officer, doctor. nurse, or ems.

  • Dee

    I am agree with you whole heartily , I think the holidays should be about spending time with family and friends that you don’t get a chance to see. Instead the world is so dollar driven that big companies rather have their employees working then seeing them happy and content.

  • tammileetips

    It is crazy how much black Friday has expanded from one day to almost a whole week instead of just the one day. I love the deals but have been mainly shopping from home online instead of in stores. It’s important to remember the reason behind the holiday.

  • Ugh – I know the feeling of working on Holidays – But, I was blessed in that I could have my son with me at work. As I worked for the church and he could play, read or just hang out – then we headed to the family gathering just a bit late. Your story does hit home on materialism and yet everyone seems very caught up in it, right? Hoping your Holidays are blessed with peace and joy – hugs :)

  • Sage @ sageandsimple

    Things seem to have gone haywire in the States since I moved to Europe 5 years ago. Black Friday is slowly coming to Denmark, but not in the crazy US way, still I find it a bit odd since we don’t have a Thanksgiving type holiday here, so it’s just a random Friday in November.

  • Aileen Adalid

    Aw, this is a great post. It really puts everything into perspective of anyone’s situation when the holidays start to draw in. And I do know the craziness that comes with Black Friday.

  • MrsTee

    This post says it all! I totally agree with you and I hope that more retailers begin to make changes to help those who work for them enjoy their holidays. I rarely shop on Black Friday and I think it could be done on any day…

  • thesamps

    I am not a huge fan of Black Friday either. I hate getting up at the butt crack of dawn and wading through hordes of people trying to save a little money. Unfortunately that is the only way we can afford things sometimes so I do it when I have to. I would much rather make my purchases online so I don’t have to fight the crowds.

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