5 Cool Gadget Must Haves | #FiveFavoriteFriday

Who doesn’t love gadgets? I mean, there are so many new cool gadgets appearing on the market each and every day. You just can’t help but find yourself interested in something new and different. We all have our favorites and for that reason, today I share with you my 5 Cool Gadget Must Haves. Scroll down to check out some of my favorite everyday gadgets.Gadgets are fun to use & we all get a bit excited when we get new ones! This week I show you my 5 Cool Gadget Must Haves that I love & think you will too!
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5 Everyday Beauty Product Must Haves | #FiveFavoriteFriday

We all have our own special way of getting up and ready in the morning. It can be a bit hard to try and break from what we are use to as we are creatures of habit. This week I come to you with some of my 5 Everyday Beauty Product Must Haves. These are the items I use everyday, on every occasion. I’m not a huge beauty buff but I do love my fair share of goodies. These items are not crazy weird or involve a lot, just some of my favorites.

Just like you, I have my everyday routine. Along with this routine I have my 5 Everyday Beauty Product Must Haves and I am sharing them with you today!
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New Year means Free Printable Calendar | #AdorkabliiPrintables

The New Year is here and though I am a few days late I have some New Printables for you! I love designing printables and I thought a new Calendar would fun and well, that is just what I did. New Year means Free Printable Calendar!

New Year means Free Printable Calendar! I am excited to share this download with you all and hope you all love it as much as I do! #AdorkabliiPrintables

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5 Elephant Must Haves | #FiveFavoriteFriday

Welcome to Adorkablii and the new weekly #FiveFavoriteFriday Post. Each week I will come back to you will 5 different things that I love and I have to say, I am pretty excited about this! This week we are on the subject of Favorite Animal and I went with Elephants! Take a moment and check out my 5 Elephant Must haves! #FiveFavoriteFriday

#FiveFavoriteFriday is a new weekly post about some of my favorite things. This week I feature the 5 Elephant Must Haves for those Elephant lovers!

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It’s a Mothers Choice

2017 is here and I want to start the New Year off with something that has been sitting in my drafts for months. It’s A Mothers Choice.

Being a mom can be a tough job but its one of those jobs I love. When choosing to become a mother you have to consider everything. Sometimes it just might not be the right time. It may be the worst time in your life to become a mother. At the end of the day It’s a Mothers Choice. A choice she has to make and to do what is best for her.

It's a Mothers Choice to become a mother or not. It will not be an easy choice but it is her choice nonetheless. Abortion is a choice. A scary choice.
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It’s Okay not to be Okay

As a 28-year-old single mother who suffers from depression and anxiety, I can tell you that Its Okay not to be Okay.

 Depression and Anxiety are real illnesses and should be treated as so. Its Okay not to be Okay. Seek help if you feel you are suffering from depression.

This post will be very personal. More personal than I have ever planned. I hope you can take a moment to hear what I’m saying and take it all in for what its worth. I hope you can gain some insight from my words. Before I continue, please excuse the mess. When it comes to explaining how Depression and Anxiety makes me feel, I get a bit lost. I feel as if I am unable to form a sentence. My words become jumbled and a bit all over.

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Irresistible Me | Flat Iron Review

Who doesn’t love a good Flat Iron? I know I do. I have this long, thick, weirdly wavy hair and I can’t stand it. For me a goof Flat Iron equals love. Irresistible Me contacted me to test out their Flat Iron and this is something that interested me. I have had their Flat Iron for some time now and I can tell you this, I love it!

 Irresistible Me Flat Iron is worth all the hype! Its light weight and the perfect little flat iron, even for my long thick hair! Check out my thoughts and see why I love it so much!
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