My Favorite Meal is Now To-Go

 As a working mom I am always on the go and recently I started looking for a second job. This just means I am going to be on the go even more than usual. The worst part about being on the go is missing out on those good home cooked meals or even when we order out. Now, Thanks to Reynolds Heat and Eat containers I can take some of my favorite foods with me. reynolds-to-go_001
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It’s Time to be Confident Clean!

It’s one thing to be clean, but to be Confident Clean is another! Thanks to Cottonelle and Sam’s Club, I am not only clean but I am Confident Clean!


When people think of Wipes, they think of babies. However, I use wipes for so much more than just when my son was little.

Wipes have become part of my daily life. From cleaning up messes, taking off make up, cleaning my shoes, and so much more! I love having my wipes around. I really do use them for just about everything!!

As a woman, wipes have become my best friend. They are nice to have to keep up with my make up incase my eye liner smears. They are nice to use to clean my face with. And of course, as a woman, I have other uses for them.


Now, as much as I love my wipes, I need to buy them in bulk. I use them so often that buying little packs don’t do me any justice. It also ends up costing more in the long run.

Thanks to my Sam’s Club membership I am able to get my Cottonelle Wipes at an affordable price and stay Confident Clean!

Better Things on FX plus Giveaway

As moms we often are a bit crazy. We are usually sleep deprived, running ragged, juggling a million things at once and coffee becomes are fuel to survive…. You all know i’m right about this… Lol. With that I bring you the New FX series Better things. Airs Thursday at 10pm and it is a show you do not want to miss.


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How Can You Help Your Child’s School

With school right around the corner, that means fundraiser’s and things to sell to help our school’s. I love helping my son’s school but let’s be realistic. Fundraiser’s can be a pain in the butt. I mean you have to walk around, try to persuade other’s to buy and/or help you sell. We all know that these’s are over-priced items.

But what happen’s when you can help your child’s school and really not have to do so much work. We all go grocery shopping and we all pick up our favorite brands, and those items can contain box tops. Box Tops are a great and simple way to help your child’s school. It also easy enough to ask friends and family members to help along.

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Zapzyt Giveaway

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Schools Out Movie Night with Walmart Family Mobile Plus

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser, Walmart Family Mobile. All opinions stated are my own and are not influenced by any affiliates. #DataAndAMovie #CollectiveBias

I am a bit excited that school is out but I am also bummed. I am so excited not to have to get up in the morning anymore. I love being able to sleep just a bit longer before having to get the day started. However, I am bummed that my son will be here 24/7. HAHA. I’m so mean. =P I love him but man oh man… I am already getting the “Mom, I’m bored” stuff. It’s gonna be a long summer if that’s the case. Thanks to Walmart Family Mobile Plus we get to enjoy a Free Movie on Vudu.

I am already getting the "Mom, I'm bored" stuff. It's gonna be a long summer if that's the case. Thanks to Walmart Family Mobile Plus we get to enjoy a Free Movie on Vudu.
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Get a Good Start the Gerber Way

Babies to Toddlers. What a change that can be. You go from swaddling your little one to chasing them around the house and even though they will always remain our babies, they really aren’t babies anymore. They are these tiny humans with their own witty personality. These tiny humans have different needs then babies, this is why its time to Get a Good Start the Gerber Way.

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